Taking a dig at the Opposition, who have been criticising the ever-increasing rate of unemployment in the state, Partha Chatterjee, state parliamentary affairs minister today claimed that the rate of unemployment has come down drastically in the state and is the lowest compared to other states.

“The state of West Bengal registered a lowest ever unemployment rate in recent times. The Opposition, who always cry foul of the state’s unemployment as one of the grey areas that the government has not been able to fix, should see for themselves the statistics on the unemployment. The rate of unemployment has come down drastically and registered at 4.6 per cent against the national unemployment index of 6.1 per cent,” Chatterjee observed. It is the lowest among other ‘developed states,’ he claimed.

Listing the names of states among which the state of Bengal registered the lowest ever figure in unemployment, the minister claimed that Gujarat had registered 4.8%, UP 6.4 %, Tamil Nadu 7.6 %, Telangana 7.6 % Rajasthan 5% and Odisha 7.1%.