Three little Santa Clauses distributing onions as Christmas gifts to the needy in front of the St Olave’s Church in Serampore attracted the attention of everyone today. It was amusing to find the little Santa Clauses giving away Christmas cake and paper packets full of onions.

The local councillor Santosh Singh said the distribution of cakes and onions by Santa Claus signifies that onions have become so costly that it is almost out of reach of common people.

Hence to receive onions as a gift is the only option open for common people to enjoy the flavour of onions in their daily frugal meals, he said.

Shymal Bose, a senior district BJP leader said , Trinamul Congress is making fun of its own shortcomings and drawbacks.

“Some of the districts in Bengal are the major producer of onions. Yet the ruling party have completely failed to keep the prices of the onions within the reach of common man due to its wrong agricultural policies,” he said.

Thus, potatoes are being sold at 30 per kg and all the winter vegetables are too costly for the common man to purchase, he added.

The ruling party to divert the attention of the common people from its gross faliure in controlling the prices of daily vegetables is unnecessary misinterpreting the National Register of Citizens and CAA and raising hue and cry over it, he said.