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Post Amphan: Nature lovers hang artificial nests for birds

The team is hanging artificial nests for the birds who need the shelters during monsoon.

Hemant Jacob | Hooghly |

At a time when the state and central government are on war footing to extend relief to the Amphan affected people who have lost their homes, a section of nature lovers from Sashi Bhusan lane in Serampore, has taken an unique initiative to hang artificial nests for the birds that lost their nests in the cyclone.

Thousands of trees were uprooted in the fierce cyclone that rocked the state, leaving beyond a trail of destruction.

The ravaging winds left several bird nests in ruins. Thousands of birds, nearly everyday are dying for lack of shelter and food. Moved by their distress and deaths, Pulak Ghosh, a resident of Sashi Bushan lane in Serampore with his friends, have stepped out of their houses to provide for artificial abode to these birds who fly around aimlessly in search of their homes.

The team is hanging artificial nests for the birds who need the shelters during monsoon.

Ghosh said, “During the Amphan, hundreds of trees got uprooted leaving many birds homeless. With the onset of monsoon, the shelterless birds will be in great distress. Many of them are falling ill and even dying. We all are so much concerned of our needs and wants but these innocent birds are completely in a helpless and hopeless state. Hence, we have made the artificial nests for the birds.”

He added, “We are climbing trees and hanging them at good heights so that they stay well protected in the nest which will protect them from the severity of of rain and sunlight. Small clay-bakedpitchers are being modified into nests with a round hole made on one side of the pitcher. These are painted green and are then securely hanged within the branches of the trees. At present, we have hung such nests in more than hundred trees. In each tree, we are putting up more than ten artificial nests at different heights.”

It was observed that the birds have happily accustomed themselves to these artificial nests. Additionally, trees are also being planted everyday for the birds to build their nests.

Mr Ghosh remarked, “Birds play a vital role in our eco system while their wonderful colors and sweet melodies are so soothing for troubled minds. The entire work is being done with our own expenses. However, nature lovers are most welcome to join with us.”