Six companies of India Reserve Battalions (IRB) 14th Nagaland Armed Police Battalion have left for Dimapur from Purulia, after serving in the junglemahal for over ten years, fighting the Maoists in Purulia district.

Mr. P.Selva Murugan, SP of Purulia said state armed forces are being instead deployed in these camps and four companies of CRPF will arrive shortly in Purulia and they too will be deployed to tackle prospective Maoist threats.

Two companies of CRPF will arrive from Kashmir, sources said.

In the last seven to eight years no major Maoist movement was reported in the junglemahal in Purulia. Experts feel keeping forces in these camps is crucial before next assembly polls in the state as some suspicious movements were reported in jungle mahal from Jharkhand side in recent times.