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Left worried over retaining Panchayat seats, decides to launch anti-TMC campaign

Statesman News Service | Kolkata |


In a bid to avoid a massive poll debacle, the West Bengal CPI-M is all set to strengthen the booth level organisation before panchayat.

During a four-day state party conference, a major section of CPI-M leaders expressed concern, whether the party will be able to retain existing panchayat and panchayat samity seats following BJP’s rapid rise in the state as the saffron brigade, is emerging as number two party after Trinamul Congress.

Most of the CPI-M leaders opined that the party should equally treat both BJP and TMC as the main rival and start campaigning accordingly.

“We have to strengthen booth level organisation to retain the all seats in panchayat and panchayat samity so we should organise a massive campaign against BJP and TMC before panchayat poll in all booths of the state,” said a senior party leader.

The party also decided to support an independent or secular party candidate in panchayat poll sans BJP and TMC, where CPI-M has no base or poor organisational capacity.

CPI-M state secretary Surjya Kanta Mishra said that local party should not support any TMC candidate during panchayat poll to defeat BJP candidate or vice versa.

The party also fixed the campaign issues for panchayat poll.

Some major issues are like corruption practice in TMC-led-panchayat, syndicate raj, nepotism, lack of employment opportunity, torture against women, failure for industrial growth, lack of scheme for the development of the minority community people and anarchy in the education system will be highlighted to campaign against TMC.

A large number of “panchayats became a den of the syndicate raj, nepotism and malpractices centres, those are being run by the Trinamul Congress. So CPI-M is all set to launch a campaign before panchayat election to abolish the reign of the TMC from all the panchayats of the West Bengal.

The CPI-M party state committee members observed that the common people is being deprived of the government facilities including state-run schemes in rural areas as the panchayat are being allegedly run to fulfil the vested interest of the local Trinamul leaders, which is affecting the normal functioning of the panchayats.

“Extortion bids are being executed through the local panchayat administration, which is worsening.”

“And our party also observed that the corrupt practices and party rivalry of the TMC added more suffering of the people living in rural areas under the several gram panchayats. Under these circumstances, there is no way except to oust this corrupt party (TMC) from the panchayat bodies,” said a senior CPIM leader.

Almost all the representatives of the CPI-M state conference, reached an accord that panchayat system almost collapsed during the reign of the TMC, so call  for mass movement should be a major one party activity to oust TMC led panchayat allegedly led by an autocratic government.

Representatives, however, raised their doubt whether the ruling party will allow state election commission to conduct peaceful poll. But the party considers that peaceful poll will be possible as people are being organised against this “oppressive government” and mass people may try to prevent tyranical attack of the TMC led goverment to terrorise voters.

Party also observed that not only religious polarisation is being made but other types of polarisation on different issues are being “trickily committed by TMC-BJP combine”.

Party also raised concern about the rise of the RSS and other Hindu religious organisations, “those are playing