Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International (NSCBI) airport in Kolkata is to remain functional despite a city lockdown directive issued by the state government. International passenger flights have stopped landing at the Kolkata airport from today, following a Central government travel advisory, while passengers from two international flights that reached Kolkata today morning, were shifted to Rajarhat quarantine centre.

In a bid to prevent community transmission of coronavirus, the state government today announced a city lockdown that will prevail from tomorrow 5 p.m. till 27 March 12 a.m. It has been termed as “Complete Safety Restrictions”. The government order has called for a shutdown for all public transport services in the city and of all shops, commercial establishments, offices and workshops etc.

However, a spokesperson of Kolkata airport confirmed that the airport is operational and opened on 24*7 basis. As per the latest travel advisory, only international flights remain suspended from today. Domestic flights will continue to operate. It was also learnt that the airport authorities have requested all passengers to check the flight details from the airlines concerned, beforehand, for any changes.

The city airport has seen a considerable drop in number of passengers and flights in recent days, while today it was observed that the airport was near empty. Most airlines are making cancellations and suspension of flight services as per travel advisories that are being issued from time to time by the government of India.

While international flights stopped arriving at the airport, passengers from two scheduled international flights reached Kolkata today. It is learnt that a flight carrying around 273 passengers reached Kolkata from Dubai before 5.30 a.m. today while another flight from Delhi to Kolkata, brought passengers, some of whom were reportedly returning from the United States.

All the passengers were shifted to the quarantine facility at Rajarhat, as per protocol. The domestic flights have also seen a considerable slump.