Keeping an eye on the upcoming Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) polls in April, campaign audio/video clips of the achievements of Trinamul run KMC board are being uploaded in the civic body’s Facebook page that speaks of the development projects in the boroughs that have been done by the KMC in the last five years, and a major part of which is solid waste management (SWM).

With the polls approaching, several uploaded audio/visual clips that talk of the development work done in the city in all the KMC boroughs, have been uploaded in the KMC’s Facebook page. The common highlight of all these videos is the way solid waste management (SWM) has been carried out in the city under the ‘Clean and Green’ city mission. The video that speaks on achievements in Borough -10 of the KMC, highlights several development projects carried out in the wards under the Borough and which includes drainage system in ward 94, booster pumping station in ward 96, community centre in ward 81, and most importantly, compactor stations that receive waste from several wards and helps keep the city clean and green.

The SWM department’s MMIC, Mr.Debabrata Mazumder has highlighted the fact that all open garbage vats in their city have been removed and are being replaced with modernised compactor stations. It is learnt that Trinamul has been devising its campaigns as per the advice of the political strategist, Prashant Kishore whose I-PAC agency has been conducting surveys before the polls and has advised that a report card should be made to highlight municipal development works that were taken up in each ward in the last five years.

The mayor Firhad Hakim has recently announced that ward-wise books are being compiled so voters in a particular ward can see the amount of work done by their councillors. The mayor Firhad Hakim today distributed jute bags in Chetla while carrying out an anti-plastic drive under ‘Clean and Green’ city mission. He also inaugurated a bio-toilet at the Alipore-Chetla crossing and has announced that many such bio-toilets will be set up at strategic locations in the city.