A decrease in the water level in the Ganga river has led to massive erosion of its banks in Ratua in Malda.

An ICDS centre has collapsed in such erosion in the Teengharia village in the Mahanandatola gram panchayat under the Ratua police station, along with agricultural fields.

Manikchak and Kaliachak- II blocks have been facing a similar situation along the banks of the Ganga, prompting the district administration to send irrigation officials to these areas.

According to sources, incessant rainfall in north Bengal in the past few days had caused swelling of the three rivers that flow through Malda- -Ganga, Mahananda and Fulhar– resulting in water-logging in some parts of Old Malda and English Bazaar.

“Now with the decrease in the water level in the Ganga, erosion on a 5-km stretch on the banks of the Teengharia village has started,” a source said.

Akhtar Hossain of the village said, “Erosion started from 9 August, but no steps are being taken to stop this. If such a situation continues, thousands of villagers will be affected.”

On the other hand, Bangitola and Baishnabnagar areas along the banks of the Ganga are also under threat of erosion. At least 5 to 7 acres of land has already been taken away by the river in Bangitola in the last seven days.

Executive engineer at the Irrigation Department, Pranab Kumar Samanta, on the other hand, said, “Erosion started early in the morning in Ratua- I, and Manikchak, Kaliachak- II and III blocks. There are some areas which are taken care of by the Farakka Barage authorities and the rest is under the district irrigation department. We are keeping a close eye on the situation and urgent action is being taken up to stop this.”