Even as two more persons tested positive for the coronavirus in West Bengal, a series of Facebook Live videos posted by Shrishti Sitaria Singh, resident of Siliguri and Director at Delhi Paramedical & Management Institute, Siliguri (DPMI Siliguri, as mentioned on her Facebook profile) has created a sensation on social media.

Shrishti Sitaria Singh, in her videos is telling that her paternal aunt had visited her from Chennai along with her daughter on 19 March for her (daughter’s) laser operation and stayed at her place in Siliguri.

After getting fresh they left for Kalimpong where few of her relatives stay. There, her aunt showed some symptoms of possible COVID 19 on 19 March following which they took her to a doctor but her condition did not improve hence they went back to the treating physician on 25 March who asked them to consult higher authorities. She was tested for TB which turned out to be negative. She had developed viral pneumonia.

All this while the entire family was together for about 10 days, i.e. there was no social distancing or isolation. No family member has the symptoms of COVID 19 except sore throat.

Shrishti says she doesn’t know whether it is Coronavirus and the hospital from where she was doing Facebook Live was clueless as to what procedure to follow whereas this is the only one-off case in North Bengal and the hospital did not know what exactly was to be done.

On the evening of Saturday, her aunt’s report read positive but they doubt the report. Since the report read positive, she and her husband called up every single member who was with them to get themselves tested for Coronavirus.

They were ferried to some hospital in Jalpaiguri. There were other people with them while they drove around Siliguri picking up more people. While on way to Siliguri they were told that they would be screened.  the doctors there did not conduct any test but asked only a few questions.

On way to Jalpaiguri, the police duty was changed about 4-5 times while they kept waiting in the vehicle. When they reached the Jalpaiguri hospital, the staff there was not at all prepared neither had any intimation about their arrival. There was no arrangement for isolation and they were told that they won’t be getting any food even though there were kids accompanying them.

After they protested they were allotted a rather dingy room with a bed and the food and breakfast they were given were not fit to consume. They were not given potable water hence they were forced to drink tap water. Even after losing a family member, no test has been carried out neither any sample taken. They are not being attended to.

Shrishti Sitaria Singh has pleaded the people to help her and her family.