A self-driving shuttle made by French startup named Navya and owned and run by French private transportation company Keolis collided with a semi-truck on the first day of its service in Las Vegas, media reported.

“Within an hour of starting its new expanded operation on Wednesday, following a two-week pilot test back in January, the shuttle hit the front end of a large delivery truck as the human driver pulled out into the street from a loading bay,” The Verge reported on Thursday.

The self-driving shuttle was not at fault, Las Vegas city officials wrote in a blog post.

There were no reports of injuries and the shuttle did not suffer any major damage. Only the bumper of the shuttle was damaged and none of the eight passengers or the truck driver sustained injuries.

The shuttle called Arma can carry up to 12 passengers and operates on a 0.6-mile loop around downtown Las Vegas offering free rides to commuters.

It is built without a steering wheel or brake pedals for human drivers.