Whiter shade of pale in men’s fashion

  • IANS

    Asanna | New Delhi

    June 13, 2017 | 12:37 pm

There's something about men's fashionwear. It's never too splashy.

There's something about men's fashionwear. It's never too splashy, no matter which year and what styles and colours are in.

Men's fashion world evolved faster than we thought. Long ago, it was marked by a few classic cuts and vintage styles which remained for years, vanished over time and return with improvised creations that includes dare and bare. Yet, subtlety in design and colour continues to underline and rules men's fashion-wear. It could well blend with Annnie Lennox's Whiter Shade of Pale, whatever that may mean.

Time was, choices were limited but thanks to creativity and increasing expansion of the fashion world, men today have varied choices. It's no more just black and white or grey and brown. They can wear what they fancy – from feminine colours to floral prints and embroidered clothes without any qualms.

Apart from clothes, there are ways to enhance their looks. There are many fashion items men can splurge on and look dandy and dashing.

Men today are experimenting with new designs and trends that flood the market. Yet, when it comes to high fashion, subtlety seems to rule over ostentatious. The wheels of fashion may keep churning new concepts, but it keeps coming back to subtlety.

After all, black is beautiful, and so is white. The functionality of subtle designs and colours is undeniable. You can wear them anywhere and everywhere and at all times.

Comfort too plays a big factor here. There's this great comfort in subtlety even in contemporary designs, be it traditional or modern.

While men's fashion gurus may have different views, as the fashion world is fast growing, there's no denying that subtlety rules men's fashion-wear. For men, the classic cut and seams, black and white, navy and grey and sombre brown and maroon will always be in vogue, even in years to come!

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