Bali is all set to host the 2018 Indonesia Pasraman Festival, and thousands of Hindus are expected to attend the two-day event taking place at the Kertalangu tourist village in Denpasar on December 8 and 9.

Hindu religious educational institutions, which practise numerous methods of spiritual Hindu teachings, are referred to as pasraman in Indonesia.

Ram Adi Saputra, the deputy head of the event committee, told Antara news agency in Denpasar that the festival was a result of collaboration among hundreds of pasraman, The Jakarta Post reported.

“Every pasraman program will be included in the festival. This will be the first of such to incorporate hundreds of pasraman and thousands of participants,” Saputra said.

Among the activities that will take place at the festival include a symposium, parade, yoga, meditation, alternative healing and spiritual counselling.

Quoting I Ketut Murdana, head of the Indonesian Pasraman Administrators Association, the report said the festival was initiated to strengthen the pasraman and help them develop religious teachings through all sorts of spiritual activities.

“With the festival, we hope to empower the people and achieve unity in facing the people’s challenges. We hope they will be the next generation with noble hearts and strong characters for themselves, their families and the nation,” he said.