Sweden Sex Championship: What are the range of disciplines for participation?

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In a groundbreaking event that challenges societal taboos and explores the boundaries of human sexuality, Sweden is hosting the highly anticipated Sex Championship, participants from diverse backgrounds will showcase their skills across a range of disciplines.

The championship covers a wide range of disciplines, including seduction, body massages, exploration of erotic zones, prelude, oral sex, penetration, endurance, physical appearance, execution of poses, creativity in changing positions, and the number of orgasms within a given time. Other categories in the competition include the most intricate position, creative communication, the most active couple, artistry in the Kamasutra, and popularity among judges and viewers.

The competition is divided into three stages, and participants need to accumulate a specific number of points to progress to the next level. Each discipline awards participants with 5 to 10 points, which are determined by a combination of public votes and a panel of five judges.


The European Sex Championship will begin on June 8 and last for six weeks. Participants will engage in sexual activity daily for 45 to one hour depending on the length of their bouts.

According to the report, the audience will watch the sex competitions and will take note of various features of the sexual activity. The couple’s chemistry, their understanding of sex, their level of endurance, etc. will all be taken into account when deciding who will win in the end.

The head of the Swedish Federation of Sex, Dragan Bratych, voiced his hope that one day sex would be regarded as a sport. He underlined the value of education and the possibility that engaging in sexual activity can improve one’s physical and mental health. “Like any sport, getting the results you want in sex requires training,” he stated. As a result, competition will inevitably start to develop in this area as well.

He emphasised the unique aspects of this sport, where the object is to make the opponent extremely happy. The ability of the competitor to satisfy their partner determines their success in this game, in contrast to traditional sports where losing frequently leads to disappointment.

The championship prioritizes promoting consensual and healthy sexual experiences, ensuring that participants engage in activities within a safe and respectful environment.