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NZ’s Ardern lashes out at Australian PM Scott Morrison

But there were some who weren’t as complimentary of the speech.

IANS | Sydney |

Visiting New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Friday lashed out at her Australian counterpart Scott Morrison over his government’s deportation policy.

At a joint press conference here, Ardern directly criticised Morrison, who was standing right next to her, over his Government’s policies, saying: “New Zealand and Australia’s relationship is being tested,” The New Zealand Herald newspaper reported.

In a controversial move, Australia have deported thousands of New Zealand migrants without the country’s citizenship after committing serious crimes, even though some have limited links to their nation of birth.

“We have a simple request… Send back Kiwis, genuine Kiwis – do not deport your people and your problems,” Ardern said.

“We will own our people. We ask that Australia stop exporting theirs.”

Her direct response has set social media abuzz, said The New Zealand Herald.

The press conference was even compared to a famous scene from the film “Love Actually” when Hugh Grant’s British Prime Minister character blasts his American rival – played by Billy Bob Thornton – at a press conference.

“Watching PM relax as someone roasts him (in) person let alone a woman is glorious you so rarely see it this video is hilarious,” a tweet said.

Another said: “How proud would you be to be an NZer after hearing your PM say that? Wow, that’s fabulous advocacy.”

Others saw the funny side of Ardern’s speech, saying: “Jacinda Ardern is sure to be deported after that murder we all witnessed.”

But there were some who weren’t as complimentary of the speech.

One asked the premier to “mind your own business and concentrate on NZ laws”, while another said: “People who come here from overseas should always be deported if they perform criminal acts here.”