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Modi: Quad will bring peace and prosperity to Indo-Pacific, world

The Prime Minister said, “I am confident that our Quad assistance in the Indo-Pacific and in the world will bring peace and prosperity.” in his first in-person summit with US president Joe Biden, and Prime Ministers Yoshihide Suga of Japan, and Scott Morrison of Australia.

IANS | New York |

Quad will bring peace and prosperity to the Indo-Pacific region and the world with its positive approach, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said at the start of the summit of its four leaders in Washington. Opening the address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi thanked US President Joe Biden for hosting the Quad meet.

“On the basis of democratic values, Quad with positive ideas and a positive approach is determined to move forward,” Modi said on Friday at the White House seated around a flower-bedecked island with the other leaders, President Joe Biden and Prime Ministers Yoshihide Suga of Japan and Scott Morrison of Australia.

“Whether it is the supply chain, security, climate action, Covid response, or technology cooperation, I am happy to discuss them with our friends,” he said speaking in Hindi. “Our Quad is united as a force for good to work for the world,” he said.

“Our four nations met for the first time after the 2004 Tsunami to help the Indo-Pacific region. Today, when the world is fighting against the Covid-19 pandemic, we have come here once again as Quad for the welfare of humanity,” PM Modi said. “Our Quad vaccine initiative will greatly help the Indo-Pacific countries,” he said. “I am confident that our Quad assistance in the Indo-Pacific and in the world will bring peace and prosperity,” he added.

In his opening remarks, President Biden said the four democracies – the US, India, Australia, and Japan – have come together to take on common challenges from Covid to climate. “We know how to get things done and are up to the challenge,” he said.

Biden welcomed the leaders and said that their vaccine initiative launched at their virtual summit in March to provide one billion does to the Indo-Pacific region was on track and announced the STEM program that will give 25 scholarships to students from each of the four countries to pursue graduate education in the US.

Suga and Morrison stressed the importance of Indo-Pacific security in their opening remarks. Suga said, “This event demonstrates strong solidarity between our four nations and an unwavering commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific.”

Morrison said, “We believe in a free and open Indo-Pacific because that is what delivers a prosperous region. The Quad is about demonstrating how democracies such as ours, as you said Mr. President, can get things done.”

The first in-person summit of the Quad will seek to “elevate” the group, as Biden said at the UN this week, “to take on challenges ranging from health security to climate to emerging technologies, engaging with regional institutions”.