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Kolkata’s online photography contest 2020: GRAYSCALE VISION

Submit your photographs with the #kpograyscalevision and win!

SNS | New Delhi |

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone’s world has turned inside out. Since everyone is sitting at home negativity on social media and in general has increased.

To bring back the positive vibes in the city of joy, Kolkata, the “kolkata.pixel.official” have organised “GRAYSCALE VISION”. We have announced the country’s biggest online photography contest and the theme for it is “monochrome”.

The dates of this contest are – 20th – 25th July 2020.

The event is sponsored by Redfmindia93.5, fatbelly_kolkata, dvogue_official, avas_pride, shades_the_colours_of_life. The winners are awarded exclusive gifts, and along with that every single participant also receives gifts and a certificate of participation, to spread more positivity and motivation.

The hashtag #kpograyscalevision was created to make the process of submission and participation easy.

Award-winning photographer Pushpendu Paul will be attending the event as a judge, as his judgment would be fair as he is a well experienced professional. The photographs will be judged on originality, excellence, composition.