Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan chaired an emergency Cabinet meeting on Wednesday along with the top general to discuss the legal implications of a major Pakistan’s Supreme Court ruling on Thursday and possible scenarios.

On Tuesday, In an unusual move, Pakistan’s Supreme Court suspended until Wednesday the government notification of August 19, reappointing Bajwa, who was due to retire on November 29, for another three-year term as the Chief of the Army Staff (COAS).

The Pakistan government’s legal team briefed Khan and his Cabinet over objections raised by the court during the hearing, The Express Tribune reported.

Bajwa also attended the meeting being held at the PM Office, Express-News and Dawn News reported.

According to reports, the high-level meeting is called to consult on amendments made in rules of the Army Act.

The Pakistan Supreme Court after hearing the matter adjourned the hearing in the case until Thursday.

Justice Mansoor Ali Shah, referring to the point raised that only 11 cabinet members had earlier approved the extension, said, “Answers had not been submitted in the time fixed for cabinet members”.

According to another cabinet member, Chaudhry Fawad Hussain, the law minister was asked by Prime Minister Imran Khan to step down.

However, Rashid contradicted reports suggesting the prime minister had reprimanded the law minister for not giving him proper advice on the reappointment of General Qamar, leading to the unnecessary controversy.