Maryam Nawaz, Vice president of the PML-N and former Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s daughter has demanded the resignation of the country’s incumbent leader Imran Khan, according to report on Monday.

Maryam said, “Give your resignation! Go home!” and urged the crowds to chant along with her”, while addressing Imran Khan in her speech, Dawn news reported.

During a press briefing in Lahore on Saturday, the PML-N leader claimed that Nawaz “will be released, and will become Prime Minister once more — but this time more powerful than ever before”.

She also said that keeping her father Sharif in jail will be a crime now.

Maryam further said that the entire judicial process regarding the trial that led to her father being convicted and sentenced to prison was severely compromised while delivering a speech.

“I will further talk about the startling claims that I made yesterday regarding accountability judge Arshad Malik. However, the subject was not broached besides a small reference to yesterday’s press conference,” she said in a tweet on Sunday.

Later on Sunday, the presiding judge, Arshad Malik has rejected Maryam’s allegations, saying that Nawaz Sharif was convicted on the basis of evidence.