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Cab fares increase in Kabul due to fuel price hike

Afghanistan imports oil from Central Asian nations and Iran.

SNS | New Delhi |

The media stated that a surge in the price of fuel in Afghanistan has resulted in a considerable increase in taxi fares in Kabul.

According to TOLO News, the Afghanistan Chamber of Commerce and Investment (ACCI) attributed the increase to a rise in the price of oil on international markets and difficulty with foreign money transfers.

“We hope that the transfer of money overseas is facilitated as soon as feasible since the traders need to move money outside for imports,” said Mohammad Younus Momand, the acting head of ACCI.

The price of oil has risen dramatically in the last week.

“The taxi cab used to be 30 Afs but is now 40 Afs,” said Amanullah, a resident of Kabul.

“Now that both the public and the drivers have an issue, who will be the one to solve it?” Obaidullah, a Kabul local, inquired.

One litre of diesel will set you back 100 Afs. According to TOLO News, the price of was around 90 Afs last week.

Taxi drivers claim that increasing fuel prices have harmed their business.

“I put in 850 Afs worth of petrol. We make between $300 and $400 every month, which is used to pay for repairs “Zabiullah, a driver, expressed his thoughts.

Afghanistan imports oil from Central Asian nations and Iran.
(with inputs from IANS)