Amid ongoing anti-government protests Bolivian, the house of the Governor was set on fire, allegedly by protesters who opposed to the re-election of President Evo Morales, as widespread demonstrations and incidents continued with police insubordination reported in many places.

Videos released by supporters of President Morales’ Movement for Socialism, which Governor Victor Hugo Vasquez belongs to, showed a group of people vandalizing and setting fire to his house on Saturday in Oruro department, Efe news reported.

The headquarters of the state Bolivia TV and Patria Nueva radio station in La Paz were also blockaded until employees were able to leave while protesters chanted “without violence”.

On Wednesday, a mob burned the city hall of Vinto, where protesters dragged pro-Morales Mayor Patricia Arce through the streets, splashed colour on her and cut her hair before she was rescued by police.

The development underscores the grave threat to Bolivia’s socialist President Evo Morales, who claimed victory in a disputed election Oct. 20, sparking outcry across the country. Three people have been killed in the subsequent protests and hundreds have been injured.

Earlier on Friday, police units started protesting in some cities, marching in the streets in their uniforms as anti-government protesters cheered them on from the sidewalks. Most observers agree that if Morales loses police protection, it will be virtually impossible for him to remain in power.

On Saturday evening, protesters forced out broadcasters at state-run Television Boliviana, leaving Morales without a key propaganda tool, according to the New York Times.

During a press briefing, Morales proposed a compromise — the four parties which received the most votes in the nine-candidate election should sit down with “an open agenda to pacify Bolivia.”

The protests have so far left three dead and 384 wounded, according to data from the Ombudsman’s Office. About 100 have been arrested.

The country’s opposition and civic groups do not recognize Morales’ victory and demand his resignation and new elections.