Smart travellers are known to travel light. However, while their bags are feather weight, the same cannot be said of their smartphones. You will always find a range of handy apps on their phones to ensure ease while on the go.

At the same time, however, most apps depend on the data pack you choose, and you are stuck if there is no data. This is when a smart traveller is put to test. So, if you are smart, you will go for apps that work offline too. Following are five apps that you can use without any internet connectivity:

Google Maps

A must-have app on any smartphone — iOS or Android. Google Maps us a saviour in unknown territories being one of the best reliable sources for navigation. At places with low internet connectivity, this can ensure you are not stuck in the middle of nowhere. The offline maps feature powered by Google enables one to download maps of the area that can be used without data.


Travelkhana is an online food delivery service for trains. The mobile app allows users to place orders without internet by forwarding order details as an SMS to the restaurant. Available on both Android and iOS, the app tracks the train in real time and makes sure fresh food reaches the passenger through restaurants network on the Indian Railway route.


A licenced on-the-go offline entertainment application for travel services across air, bus and railway networks in India, GoldSeat runs seamlessly without any data cost and connectivity. To use the app, a device needs to be installed in buses that will provide free WiFi to the traveller. The application is completely free for passengers. The brand has tied up with Phantom Films and Reliance for content licencing.


App-based cab services ruling the roost in the transport sector. But travelling in these cabs requires good internet connectivity. Ola has come out with a solution. Ola Offline works when the user has no connectivity or the internet connection is very poor. A traveller can use the option Book via SMS to book cabs without internet connectivity.


Tripit app is for those who likes to be organised. The app stores detailed, daily itinerary with important dates, times, and confirmation numbers, directions, maps, weather, and more. One can see their itinerary anytime, and on any device even if you are offline. The mobile app gives 24/7 access to important travel plans. Information can be synced with the user’s Apple, Google or Outlook calendars. They can get maps and directions, and share plans via email or social media.