Google has reportedly started gifting it’s $129 Premiere Edition Stadia Pro free for three months to YouTube Premium members via email.

Accessing Stadia requires purchasing and is certainly an affluent affair, but these days various companies and now Google have thrown in freebies to support these difficult times of lockdown. However, Google and its partners have given out promo codes on more than one occasion since launch.

At the moment, it appears that all reports are coming from YouTube Premium subscribers in the UK. The trial will also be available for existing Premium members in the US, reports 9To5Google.

As of right now only some members are getting access to the Stadia Pro gift.

Google is working towards adding features including the highly-anticipated free tier, YouTube streaming, family game sharing to Stadia soon.

Recently, Google Stadia received an update, bringing it to version 2.7, and introducing a few minor tweaks to the user interface.

The search engine giant has also confirmed that new buyers of the Chromecast Ultra devices will be offered a three-month “Pro Pass” trial of Stadia Pro tier.