Samsung’s Technology and Advanced Research Labs (aka STAR Labs) debuted on Tuesday at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas with its ‘Artificial Human’ project called, Neon.

Project Neon makes digital human avatars look extremely real and the company claims that the avatars are able to “converse and sympathize” like real people. It also has the ability to show emotions and intelligence.

“Neons are not AI assistants,” the company said. “Neons are more like us, an independent but virtual living being, who can show emotions and learn from experiences. Unlike AI assistants, Neons do not know it all, and they are not an interface to the Internet to ask for weather updates or to play your favorite music.”

The technology allows for the creation of customized digital beings which can appear on displays or video games and could be designed to be “TV anchors, spokespeople, or movie actors” or simply “companions and friends,” according to the California-based unit of the South Korean giant.

(With input from agencies)