Huawei Technologies Co., the wireless network giant barred from selling its product in the US as well as several other markets, but Huawei is positive that the Indian government will make an independent and fair decision on 5G for country’s long-term benefit.

As per the reports, the world’s largest manufacturer for the 5G network has agreed to continue to work with the Indian government to counter allegations made by the US that its equipment could be used to spy on countries and help the Chinese government.

The Indian wireless market is the second-largest in the world after China and it has been a focus for investment by Huawei. Jay Chen, chief executive officer of Huawei’s India business believes that the company’s products are essential for the development and overall growth of the Indian wireless ecosystem.

The Indian government is yet to decide dates for auctioning 5G spectrum to carriers, whereas several other countries including China, have already introduced it. A majority of country’s phone carriers are struggling with debt and have already called the government’s airwaves for 5G too costly.

The reports quoted Chen saying that the Indian market’s ecosystem will be broken if Huwaei is taken out of the equation. Therefore, it will result in the loss of both, financial as well as technological development.

(With input from agencies)