After disabling touch input functionality owing to privacy concerns, Google is bringing back play and pause tap buttons to its compact smart speaker Home Mini.

According to a report in The Verge on Saturday, Home Mini users will now be able to long press the volume buttons on either side of the device to control music, news, alarms and phone calls.

In October, Google disabled the feature after a privacy issue was reported in which the Mini was registering “phantom” touches and recording more often than intended, said CNET.

With the top touch function, you could also wake up the Google Assistant built into Mini and issue a voice command.  The update is being rolling out to Home Mini units that are enrolled in Google’s software preview programme.

Google recently rolled out an update that will allow you to use Home speakers as intercom systems in your house. People can broadcast their voice from Google Assistant on smartphones or voice-activated speakers like Google Home.

Also, it rolled out a multitasking feature in its smart home speaker Google Home that makes it possible for the device to accomplish two different tasks at the same time, which will essentially let the user bundle two requests into the same sentence instead of having to say one command at a time. However, the new two-command functionality has not been extended to the Google’s AI assistant that accompanies Android smartphones.

(Written with inputs from IANS)