Smartphone universe has nothing new to offer all they proclaim and sell is old tech polished and refined. While standing on the verge of 2020, we techies should and must question the tech-authenticity of products.  All the premium phones with huge price tag also seem to miss the point probably because they have swayed the market towards mindless-mass, who have the money but don’t want to think much behind the hood. While we might vary in varsity around the topic, Google has gone to work and came up with an anticipated Smartphone in Pixel world. I would not say they have nailed the void but, yes it is a step in the right direction.

Google is set to announce the Pixel 4 and 4 XL on October 15 and the phone has already leaked on several previous occasions. The latest few ads posted by Google are touting the Pixel’s various features.

The #SwitchtoPixel campaign consists of four videos released on the ‘Made by Google’ YouTube channel. Each video features customer testimonies of their experiences pertaining to Unlimited Google Photos storage, camera experience, the process of transferring data, and battery life.

The ‘Get it Together’ video above shows a person’s testimony using an older-generation Pixel, and while some might argue it may be irrelevant to the upcoming Pixel 4, Tim mentions “the little finger pad on the back”. We wonder whether such a little finger pad would be present on a phone that will supposedly use 3D face unlock with the Motion Sense hardware.

We already learned that the Motion Sense feature will be limited to a number of countries at launch. Meanwhile, we all have learned from countless leaks there will be dual cameras on a Pixel phone for the first time. It will also be coming in an “Oh So Orange” color option, along with ‘Just Black’ and ‘Clearly White’.

The Pixel 4 will be powered by the Snapdragon 855 paired with 6GB of RAM and run Android 10 out of the box. Rumors have also swirled about the possibility of 90Hz displays as well.

(With input from agencies)