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Fortnite’s black hole leads players to ‘Chapter 2’

It’s a whole new world to explore with forests, mountains, improved arms and ammunitions.

SNS | New Delhi |

After creating much tension among players and media, Fortnite is back with its Chapter 2, with a brand-new map to explore.

The constantly evolving map for the game was dragged into a black hole on October 13. Tesla and SpaceX CEO, Elon Musk’s tweets helped in escalating the tension among gamers.

Coming back to the new map, it is an island with plenty of forest, mountains, lakes and a whole new world, similar to the urban cities, waiting to be explored. A lot has changed but the green cover is likely to remind the old players of the early days of Fortnite. It may change with time as the map is explored. The flying battle bus is still there to carry you into battle.

As per the trailer, Chapter-2 has several new features including fishing, swimming and new vehicles. The new multiplayer emotes that let the players co-ordinate dances with friends. Speaking of the weapons, a common variant of the rocket launcher is there along with the brand-new semi-automatic pistol. Now the players will also be able to better hide now, ducking in haystacks or dumpsters.

There is also a new subscription battle pass that allows players to play and earn bonuses like character skins that include the adorable blue blob creature. The battle pass also works slightly different compared to previous seasons. Progression has also been changed so that the players earn experience from doing more things, including getting kills or even just opening chests.

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