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Benz Icon E Concept Re-imagines Classic W115 As 21st-Century E-Class

Mercedes-Benz has recently announced that its R&D wing will only work on electric powertrains and platforms after 2025


Obendorfer’s creation is dubbed the Icon E Concept and is based on the current E-Class. Despite the vehicle’s familiar underpinnings, it adopts both interior and exterior designs drastically different than any other Merc.

In designing the Icon E Concept, some of the most recognizable elements of the W115 have been brought into the modern world. For example, there is a large chrome front grille and a pair of upright headlights similar to those of the W115, but with a more square and aggressive shape. Elsewhere, the car sits on a set of wheels with body-colored rims and chrome trim.

Boxy cars are lovely, let’s admit. The boxy-ness of the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is, in fact, one of many reasons for its strong cult. In the era of the 80s, even the sedans were boxy. Today, Mercedes-Benz sedans have strong wind-cheating capabilities, which were absent on the boxy W114s and W115s. However, they looked great. And we recently came across a digital illustration of the W115 in an electrified avatar

The rear of the vehicle also looks quite similar to the W115, but again, it has been brought into the 21st century with some significant alterations. The Icon E Concept may be quite different from the current E-Class, or any other modern Merc for that matter, but it does show that the iconic design of the W115 lends itself quite well to a fresh interpretation.


In the interior, there are the same dual screens used for the digital gauge cluster and infotainment system as the actual E-Class . Alterations have been made to the layout of cabin to make it a little more simple, while a retro-looking steering wheel is also featured.

It would take a very brave (and wealthy) person to take a perfectly good E-Class and commission a coachbuilder to make something like the Icon E a reality. But it’s still a nice try at trying to show how a past icon might have looked like.