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5 devices that came and conquered 2018

There are just so many breakthroughs happening everyday that we can only envision how deep the next advancement in 2019 can be.

SNS Web | New Delhi |

An increase in digital literacy has made India the world’s third-largest tech startup ecosystem. There is a unique diversity and massive spike in devices that are being curated not just to transform a business but also our lives. Today, most people are on the pathway of digital consumption where they see value in their purchase as well as their experience. They are on the lookout for something that is personalized, intuitive, real-time, and integrated.

It is thus, safe to say that the below-mentioned devices were a beacon of change in 2018 and made an impact on the consumer’s mind.

Here’s why:

Walking Pedometer

Leave your smart-phone at home and get yourself a walking pedometer that can be attached to your shoelace instead of your pocket. This walking pedometer can track every single step’s distance and calorie, without miscounting, so you can enjoy your exercise worry-free. With complete information about your improvement, you are sure to be motivated to go further each day, hands-free.

Apple Watch with ECG reading

Health-tech is improving the Indian healthcare landscape. This is why when the Apple Watch Series 4 came out with an additional feature that could regularly monitor your heart throughout the day, many consumers were attracted to it because of this feature. This new watch allowed you to measure your heart rate in a way usually restricted to medical devices. It is designed to check your heart rate anytime and keep track of your heart’s performance. If it detects unusually high or low heart rates, it alerts you — even when you don’t feel the symptoms.


2018 saw the commercial launch of Inito, world’s first comprehensive medical diagnostic device which is also portable. The Inito platform is powered by the company’s patent-pending ‘Flat Lens’ technology that allows a user to test for glucose, thyroid, cholesterol, hormones, vitamins, sexually-transmitted diseases etc. — all on a single portable device using a smart-phone app. The device has been medically tested by IIT Delhi Instrument Design Center and the results were found to be 99.2% comparable to those acquired with clinic-grade instrumentation which cost 100 times more and are 10 times bigger. The device currently supports a fertility test on its platform, which increases chances of getting pregnant naturally by 89% by giving fertile days specific to one’s body.

Emotex MIKO Robot

Meet Miko, a voice-based interactive robot that engages, educates, and entertains your child by striking the perfect balance between knowledge and fun. Parents can monitor and control the relationship between Miko and their child through a separate analytics dashboard interface. This piece is simply perfect to continuously improve your child’s information base.

Mi Home Security Camera 360°

Home security products don’t necessarily have to be complicated to set up, bulky to install, and expensive to maintain. Built keeping in mind the same points, single cameras such as the Mi Home Security Camera 360 connect with your home Wi-Fi and stream the live feed on your phone without any hassle. It is pretty much a simple DIY job. It can rotate 360-degrees, tilt up and down to an angle of 45-degrees and can either be placed on a table or a shelf or wall-mounted.

These are just a handpicked few that have managed to infiltrate the Indian consumer’s life in 2018. But the consumption of such devices and adoption of technology is increasing; and innovators are imagining better ways to fuel people’s needs. There are just so many breakthroughs happening everyday that we can only envision how deep the next advancement in 2019 can be.