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  • Through the slush

    Through the slush

    Through the slush… slowly pushing, twisting and turning in the pouring rain, the mud laden jeeps wheeled along the long and winding road. Uphill or downhill, the journey wasn’t easy at all. The incessant rain didn’t make it easy. The road was muddy and slushy. ¬†Thank your lucky stars, if you reach your destination alive. …

    September 16, 2017
  • Dreaming of Dailong

    Dreaming of Dailong

    To be alive, to feel, to be is to remain wisely rooted in nature and to be drenched in it… to take a walk in the wild woods, feel the whispering wind behind you, against your face, climb the hills and mountains or go down to the river or the sea barefoot. As I write …

    June 9, 2017
  • Free flying where the sky is blue

    Free flying where the sky is blue

    It's all grey and breathless in Delhi and people are out on the street voicing for their right to breathe, but their voices are getting choked as the city grapples with the worst smog situation ever. But someplace far away in the Northeast, the sky is so blue and the earth green, and the winged …

    November 7, 2016