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A Wetlands Requiem?

What emerges is the willingness to look at the wetlands as a piece of readily available real estate rather than a complex but crucial ecosystem whose ecological patterns are perfect to contribute to a city‘s longevity and better protect it from climate hazards, along with possibilities for profitable replication in multiple instances. If one is willing to walk the talk around innovation and pragmatism, there are creative methods of empowering the community without damaging the wetlands themselves 

Hyderabad ahead of other cities in sewage treatment: KTR

Laying the foundation for the construction of 17 Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) with 376.5 million litres per day (MLD) capacity at a cost of Rs 1,280 crore, he termed this an important milestone for Hyderabad in sewage treatment.

Despite NGT directive, Santragachi jheel yet to be cleaned

The direction of the principal bench of NGT stating work has been completed in two and a half years emanated from a petition that Santragachi jheel stated to be a bird sanctuary was being polluted due to dumping of municipal and plastic waste and building waste material. It was also alleged that construction was on the northern side of the water body.