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Tag: Roman Empire

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  • Bureaucratised Society

    Bureaucratised Society

    The power of patronage, lack of accountability and corruption, which are the bane of bureaucracy, often inspire young men and women in India to join it. Additionally, the hierarchy in the Indian Government is such that the scientist, doctor, engineer and the technocrat all work under the bureaucrat

    October 14, 2020
  • Lebanese muddle

    Lebanese muddle

    The ancient civilization around the Levant predates recorded history. It was the land of Canaanites/Phoenicians, the Roman Empire, Biblical discourse, Christian crusades, Islamic conquests and other intrigues and restive mutations emanating from the crossroads of Abrahamic religions. The Ottoman Empire ruled for over 400 years, till the French established their own mandate over the land …

    November 16, 2017