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Tag: popular culture

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  • Descent into kitsch~II

    Descent into kitsch~II

    The way we love to engross ourselves in the popular parlour debates on television, splitting hairs on bytes that range from the inane, the exotic, the histrionic to the crude and the vulgar, we have lost ourselves to what Jean Baudrillard calls ‘the ecstasy of communication‘. And when this obsession is supplemented by social media, our virtual walls and posts become a kind of anonymous monitoring screen of the hyperreal expressed through the scenic repetition of disembodied sounds and images, an addictive process of acting out that is located neither in the actor nor on some remote stage

    April 19, 2021
  • Funny thing called Love~I

    Funny thing called Love~I

    In the famous song from 1955, “What is the Thing Called Love,” the legendary American singer, Frank Sinatra, asks: “What is this thing called love? This funny thing called love? Just who can solve its mystery?” While we all want to understand what love is, we remain confused because there is not one single, unanimously …

    July 29, 2018