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Tag: OROP protests

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  • Veterans must organise themselves

    Veterans must organise themselves

    The veterans’ agitation over OROP at Jantar Mantar was in its initial stages a success as it compelled the government to act. It gained national sympathy when police targeted decorated veterans on the eve of Independence Day 2015. It forced a senior police officer to come to the site and apologise for police highhandedness. After …

    November 14, 2017
  • Army veterans must act responsibly

    Army veterans must act responsibly

    As compared to other organisations in the country, the armed forces are the only ones without a voice. They have no means of venting their unhappiness at government decisions to those that matter, no union to support their demands, nor any right to protest while wearing the uniform. Their top hierarchy can only raise its …

    October 17, 2017