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  • Focus: Destination Nepal

    Focus: Destination Nepal

    In an effort to highlight places of interest in countries across the world, their varied culture, economy and history, The Statesman brings to you a Weekly Focus on countries with which India shares diplomatic ties and friendship. This week’s focus is on Nepal. Know all about the country. Capital:Kathmandu,  Currency: Nepalese rupee Ethnic groups: : Chhettri 16.6%, …

    October 30, 2017
  • Nepal prints banknotes in China

    Nepal prints banknotes in China

    China has printed and delivered Nepal's 1,000 rupee notes. The Himalayan nation has received 24 million 1,000 rupee notes printed by China Banknote Printing and Minting Corp, Xinhua news agency reported. Bhuban Kadel, Executive Director of Nepal Rastra Bank, the central bank, said the printing cost in China was lower. "The quality is as good …

    February 14, 2017