Gandhian Ethics

Gandhi without denying the distinction between the domain of Caesar and that of God repudiates any rigid separation between the two. As early as 1915, Gandhi declared his aim 'to spiritualise' political life and political institutions. Politics is as essential as religion, but if it is divorced from religion, it is like a corpse, fit only for burning. Gandhi is often called a saint among politicians. In an epoch of 'globalisation of self-centredness' there is a pressing necessity to comprehend and emulate the moralistic dimension of Gandhian thought and re-evaluate the concept of politics

Battle against ideology that killed Gandhi: Rahul

Rahul said, "Just as Gandhiji fought the British Raj, we are today embarked on a battle with the very ideology that killed Gandhi. This ideology has delivered inequality, divisiveness and the erosion of our hard-won freedoms in the past eight years."

Leaders should follow Gandhian policies: Mamata Banerjee

Rare photographs capturing Mahatma Gandhi's 1947 stay at Beliaghata area here and articles used by him during the over three-week period when he tried to douse communal passion, will be on display from Wednesday at the house that hosted him.