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Kanha National Park

Declining blackbuck

In May Kanha seemed good enough buck country with the maidans very open after the early summer burning, but I believe that with the rains the grass and herbs grow fast and are two to three feet in most places.

Gaur: Darker and smaller

Kahna offers exceptional amenities to a herbivore that is mainly a grazer like the gaur, for the rolling maidans offer it excellent pastures.

Stag parties in Kanha

There is no definite rut, confined to a particular season or part of the year, among chital, even in North India.

Tolerant tigers

The old saying that two tigers cannot share a hill does not hold at Kanha National Park.

More about Barasingha

In all sanctuaries poaching is difficult to eliminate completely and it is also something that has a much more harmful potency when the population of a species is already much reduced by hunting or other causes.