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  • Abe’s ‘New Japan’

    Abe’s ‘New Japan’

    Shinzo Abe’s convincing victory in the election for the leadership of the Liberal Democratic Party (553 votes against 254) is historic, making him Japan’s longest-serving Prime Minister. His agenda might appear to be rather ambitious on the face of it, but has been overdue for the country ever since World War II ended. As much …

    September 26, 2018
  • Japanese military chopper crashes near school

    Japanese military chopper crashes near school

    A Japanese Self-Defence Force (SDF) helicopter crashed near an elementary school in Saga prefecture on Monday. The helicopter crashed near the Chiyoda Chubu Elementary School in Kanzaki city at around 4.45 p.m., reports Xinhua news agency. A witness from the school said that she heard a loud “bang” and that there were no injuries or …

    February 5, 2018