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  • Grassroots Wisdom~II

    Grassroots Wisdom~II

    In early independent India, we still had a traditional model with a strong Gandhian ethic. But later we strayed from that ethic, even though we like to trade on it. But India can still draw from it to create a better development model. We need to create a system where public institutions are more community-based, community-governed, and community-led, as Mahatma Gandhi advocated. We need to unleash these traditional processes so that they have a life of their own or have a multiplier effect

    April 2, 2022
  • Education for Sale~II

    Education for Sale~II

    As time progressed, education came to be considered more as a private commodity, that expected parents to invest in it more and more. The traditional view that it was a publicly funded service gradually lost its significance. Its sole objective became a sort of human capital formation as a key to economic growth. Things became more facilitated through multiple initiatives on the part of multilateral funding agencies. A number of research organizations also joined with an agenda of neo-liberal ideas and policy. Education was compelled to be brought within free market forces

    November 30, 2021