Democrat Joe Biden

Grievous wounds

With Michigan having officially certified that Mr Biden won the state – notwithstanding a last-ditch effort by Mr Trump to coerce Republican legislators to hijack the result – the incumbent’s fate has been effectively sealed.

Upheaval on cards?

The latest legal ploy being talked about by Mr Trump’s camp ~ with considerable seriousness, we may add ~ is to have legislators in at least three Republican-controlled state legislatures overturn the popular vote to certify that he and not Mr Biden was elected

Sore Loser

Protests themed “Stop the Steal” have broken out across several American cities and even turned violent in the national capital

Time running out

This was followed by the election in Georgia being called in favour of Democrat Joe Biden, giving him an unassailable 306 electoral college votes against the required 270. This essentially means that Mr Trump’s legal challenges will have to succeed in at least three large states for the outcome to change.