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  • Relevance of Quit India~II

    Relevance of Quit India~II

    The August Rebellion had erupted with the slogan of “Do or Die”. It had certain specific features ~ (a) targeting of government outfits was pre-meditated with the objective of destroying the symbols of the British Raj; (b) it was also emphasised that privateproperty ought not to be damaged or destroyed; (c) there was a well-planned …

    October 7, 2017
  • Relevance of Quit India~I

    Relevance of Quit India~I

    Lord Linlithgow, as Governor-General, had attributed the failure of the Cripps Mission (March 1942) to the inflexible attitude of the Congress. In India, there was no consensus on the responsibility for the failure, but the Congress blamed the British government for what it called its hypocrisy, lack of sincerity and for following Machiavellian tactics. The …

    October 6, 2017