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  • Latter-day Silk Route~II

    Latter-day Silk Route~II

    If India were to stay out, the BRI will inevitably be a uniquely Chinese project…of, by and for China. It is imperative, both for India's national interest and the time-honoured concept of 'balance of power', that an initiative with such massive potential as the BRI is not allowed to be dictated by one country.

    December 11, 2018
  • China’s soft-power seduction

    China’s soft-power seduction

    The US foreign policy approach to China – from President Donald Trump’s bellicose words and the recent prospect of a trade war, to the administration’s description of China as “a revisionist power” – has been criticised as ineffectual bluster, particularly in the face of growing uncertainty over Washington’s commitment to its allies. But more, it …

    September 13, 2018