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  • Metro chaos

    Metro chaos

    You know you have reached the hub of students when you see a Sahitya Akademi bookstall in the Metro Station. This is the Vishwavidyalaya station near Delhi University's North Campus, which has several distinct features. A rather unusual sight is the long queue for women, extending all the way to the parking zone. At other …

    July 10, 2017
  • Giving or breaking the law?

    Giving or breaking the law?

    It was in the morning rush. He was slightly bent. An old man, may be in his 70's. Wearing an old discoloured and unwashed dhoti and shirt, he stood there – in the ladies compartment of the Delhi Metro that was heading to Central Delhi. And then, he stretched out his thin, bony hand, begging …

    June 10, 2017