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Tag: Asif Zardari

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  • Imran still popular, but questions being asked

    Imran still popular, but questions being asked

    Imran Khan projected an image of simplicity and sincerity, of a leader not interested in accumulating wealth, confident in his achievements in cricket and philanthropy, seeking to be a national statesman rather than a ‘successful’ politician, and with a transcending and empowering belief that ‘someone up there liked him’ enough to be the saviour of Pakistan.

    November 26, 2018
  • Marriage, politics and soothsayers

    Marriage, politics and soothsayers

    Whatever people might think about Imran Khan’s words and antics, nobody can deny that he brings a lot of colour and macho swagger to politics. By making bizarre accusations against rivals, he succeeds in putting them on the defensive while deflecting any criticism of his own course of action. And, like Trump, he shrugs off …

    January 14, 2018