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Pros and cons of modernization

Although constant technological evolution has indeed changed the world, it has also taken away many traditions that have lasted for centuries.

Mohar Nag | Kolkata |

Science and technology has ensured rapid development and higher standard of living. The benefits of technological advancements are endless as it provides the utmost comfort and convenience. From a wide variety of entertainment choices to brighten up our days, to disseminating information for the common good, technology has become the backbone of modern society. Unfortunately, exploitation and over-usage of such advancements is gradually leading towards destruction.

This has led to high rates of piracy and illegal downloads of content such as films and television shows . With internet as the new media, convenience has taken the front seat and the little moments like gathering around a TV to watch the latest cricket match or standing in long queues at the box office are far behind.

Touchscreens and LED screens have replaced the emotions and feelings attached to the simple joys of childhood memories. Coming back to the 21st century, we have access to different apps like YouTube, Google and other movie downloading apps, which enable us to download for in home devices. Although these devices may be helpful to serve our wide range of choices and interest, it still fails to bring the feel of movie theatres to our fingertips.

Technology is one of the greatest contributors to modernisation, which directly influences lifestyle and habits. For example, letters were the sole method of long distance communication, especially during war-time. Messengers crossed bridges to deliver messages on horsebacks and other primitive modes of transport. When the postman would bring a letter to your doorsteps, it brought a different level of joy

Knowing the fact that someone had replied to your letter would bring a smile on your face, but unfortunately that simple form of joy is losing in the global village of social media. Today, the world is a whirlwind, where information travels faster than light and the simplicity that came with composing letters for our loved ones is a far- fetched dream. Nowadays, letters are looked upon as a time consuming process and fail to view it as an important means of communication.

In the midst of texting, we remain unaware about the feeling associated with gliding our pens in ink and finding the perfect stamp to go on the envelope. Today, letters have become texts and direct messages, and proper sentences and formal writing styles are chugged down to short phrases and words.

It is a world of convenience and fast moving robots who never stop to look around or pause after a long passing storm.

It is a generation of individuals disconnected from the world that surrounds them, and a world where online presence and validation topples real life connections, friendships and relations. It is where we define worth by the number of likes and followers.

Earlier sitting around a dinner table to talk about our lives, or running around with a ball in the playground was indeed the perfect string that held happiness together. Instead, we are drowning and losing the last string of attachment that once held us together.

Staying glued on the mobile screen isolates you from knowing about the happenings or wonders in the world. Some people may find that making videos on platforms like musically or TikTok to be fascinating and fancy but in reality, it only cuts your time short in learning about yourself

Earlier, the concepts of joint families were predominantly seen around Indian households; it taught us discipline, care and the warmth of personal connections. Today, nuclear families and independent household are considered as the higher quality of life. Watching a movie or listening to music; laptop, mobiles, computer, home theatre, Alexa, Amazon Echo or Siri has become our daily companion.

For this very reason we often have conflicts or arguments in the households, leading to an unending dispute. Depression occurs when we are in isolation, and it is often associated with technology.

Being plugged into the virtual world, takes us away from any sort of bonding with the other individuals of our society. Joint family also has its own strengths and weakness but, in some way, it teaches us the idea of staying in harmony and adjusting with others. Talking about technology, we get a flash of many electric appliances and devices, let’s not forget the popularity of games nowadays.

Teenagers are engrossed by e-sports and virtual reality. The harsh impacts of the games are engraved in the minds of children at an early age. Gaming technology has infiltrated the society where violence is constantly being promoted.

Teenagers are the largest consumers of such technological advancements who are constantly buried in the glimmering attraction of several games available on the mobile phones. The constant structure of killing and shooting in such gaming programmes, indirectly damages the mental set up of a child.

Games like PUB-G have affected numerous boys and girls; at the same time, it doesn’t matter who’s playing the game.

The children may not be aware of the harmful effects caused by these sorts of software but unknowingly they become a chosen victim of addiction and mental deterioration. Splashing of blood and corpses lying all over the place, creates an image of satisfaction in the mind of the child because he or she feels satisfied after completing a mission, but let’s remember, killing can’t bring you happiness rather it is a sin. Even if you’re playing a game on your phone, these games can mould your pure minds into vicious ones and later in the future you may end up committing a crime.

There won’t be any scope of regretting on that circumstance. So better, change your interests at an early stage. Why not change it for educational and creative gaming apps?

Technology has provided us with medical advancements, natural calamity warnings and a means for an interconnected world. Through the evolution of technological uses and applications, numerous satellites and signals have been captured from space.

Unfortunately, these radio signals are highly responsible for the diminishing of several wild animals or birds. For example, birds like vulture or owls cannot bear the signals given out from the mobile towers or dish antenna and the ultimate result is the death of these creatures.

Progress in Science and Technology is destroying Nature. The deposition of plastic materials on the roadside mainly choke the cows since they cannot break up the cellulose present in plastic neither can they digest it.

In the end they die a suffocating death. The similar thing happens with the sea turtles, they tend to chase the plastic bottles, plastic bags and other objects made from plastic by assuming all of them as jellyfish and finally they die a painful death only because of our fault. Why are we so careless? Can’t we make an effort to throw the waste materials in the litterbins?

The constant technological evolution has indeed changed the world. Although, numerous facilities were contributed to society, it has also taken away the traditions and culture that have lasted for centuries.

Considering the boons and banes, it is our turn to choose. Addiction can be curtailed if we prioritise and dedicate our time effectively