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For new entrepreneurs

Here are five ways through which one can ensure startups become a big success.

Pradeep Shukla |

Everyone is dreaming of becoming a successful entrepreneur, so you need to execute a great startup strategy to excel. Starting a new business is not a piece of cake. Apart from a great idea and business plan, it requires many other things in order to make it successful.

For instance, you need to raise the required capital for your new business, which can either be from your personal savings or from investors. With these things, every entrepreneur starts their new business in the market and hopes to be successful in what they do.

Most of the flourishing entrepreneurs of today have a secret behind their success, which they have revealed. The secret is that they begin their startup backwards. So, let us look at the five ways through which you can ensure that your startup is a big success.

Begin with a plan: Not all home businesses need an official business plan, but every home business owner must spend some time planning. Before you start, sit down and determine how much money you need to invest (and in what), your goals (short and long-term), your marketing plan and other details. When starting a new venture in an emerging market or with an untested model, it’s important to keep costs to zero.

Those who’ve bootstrapped their company know this better than anyone. When you do bootstrapped business, you tend to work from your own house initially for few months. You play smartly with finance, and it should be very carefully spent. Instead of hiring developers or bringing on a technical co-founder, the entire system and workflow should be built in Google Docs — the “personal” version.

Use smart and cost-effective business tools: There are a number of tools available, which assist you in achieving the best possible results with minimum expenditure. These tools also help in defining the business and your vision and give you a reality check on the viability of your ideas. Their use means that you do not have to use your scarce money and resources in employing experts who may be useful.

Improving business model over time: Financial services is a competitive market that could be saturated by financial institutions in a few years. The important thing is that how one can articulate a clear, logical view on how Common Bond will achieve market share in the short term as well as many ideas on how it will invest in sales and marketing efforts to enhance its competitive advantage over time.

Identify the needs of your customers: For any business customers service is the most essential part. Ideally, you should identify customer needs, which your business can satisfy better than your existing competitors, because of the competitive advantages of your business, which distinguish you from the rest. Most of the companies just guess about the type of products or services their customers wish for. This is why many startups fail, as they do not understand their customers’ needs and guess it wrong.

Speak to your clients: When you have recognised your ideal consumers, you have two options, either you can speculate about the services or products they want or you can just go and talk to them about what type of products or services they wish for. In order to have an edge over other businesses and be successful in your business, you must talk to your clients. Ask them questions so that you can know the problem they are facing. Then, you can work on this problem, which is shared by many people, and then you can take the leap.

Keep track on everything- Make sure that you manage your business through numbers and keep track of everything. You must do it in writing and produce written documents for everything. This way you can retain consistency and train your employees too. Identify the numbers and verify them regularly. Plus, you must make all your decisions depending on these numbers. Among these, one of the most significant estimates is the cash flow document.

There are several other things to consider when it comes to set a startup, but the few tips above are highly important. When you get them right, you’re mostly on your way to establishing a strong and successful startup business.

The writer is CEO and co-founder- OOFFRR App.