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Always in sight, never out of mind

Virtual streaming video has become a trend in modern day workplaces.

Yuki He |

Imagine this: After months of investigation, an organisation identified one of its employees being involved in corporate espionage, leaking valuable official secrets to rival organisations.

The founder, a young guy, decided he wanted to address the entire organisation at one go, quickly, and emphatically, to ensure such incidents do not take place in the future.

Yet, there was a small problem — the organisation had various branches in other countries, and addressing all of them together would be difficult. Being a true millennial organisation, however, all it took was a touch of a button to solve the problem, through video streaming.

The millennials are accustomed to clicks and calls doing things instantly, which would otherwise require significant amount of time and efforts. For them, efficiency remains the prime determinant.

And this is the reason why they appreciate technology such as video streaming, which gives them the ideal combination of calling and video, in other words, the best of both worlds.

Recently, it was reported that the global average of online video access by millennials stood at 54 per cent, with countries such as Saudi Arabia reporting a video penetration and usage figure as high as 98 percent.

With video already wired into their DNA, millennial professionals are increasingly introducing the technology to enhance their work experience by boosting productivity, enhancing collaboration and making it easier for a better work-life balance.

It is a common sight now for professionals to be seen carrying out business meetings or introductory sessions while looking after their children or during a vacation. Millennials are leading the change in workplace culture, and technologies such as video streaming are helping them significantly.

No wonder that the market for enterprise streaming video platforms and content management is expected to triple in size by 2021 from its current valuation of $ 8,000 million, according to studies by Frost & Sullivan and TMR.

Video-based enterprise video streaming solutions are becoming critical business communication tools for a wide range of business uses, beginning from recruiting to employee communication, training, learning, sales enablement, collaborative work, inviting talented resources across the globe, and a variety of other tasks.

Being a medium which millennials already use and consume significantly in their lives, they are very comfortable when it comes to visual learning. As the Internet gets flooded by a plethora of learning and DIY guide videos, many organisations are trying to create corporate video libraries to ensure easy accessibility of material for employees.

Enterprise video streaming also ensures collaboration and streamlining of operations among various branches. It reduces costs by allowing them to conduct single training sessions streamed to every branch or franchise, and builds unity through virtually connected celebrations of common achievements.

By connecting millennial workers with their geographically distant colleagues, enterprise video streaming has bought an end to the problem of “trying to put a face to a name.”

Technological tools and solutions have become an integral part of a millennial professional’s quest for workplace fulfillment.

By providing them opportunities to learn, collaborate, grow, celebrate and work together while ensuring ample amount of “me-time”, video streaming tools have become the ideal facilitators for today’s young workforce’s zeal to add value and transcend above any limitations.

As science still labours to realise a millennial’s ultimate sci-fi dream, teleportation, its nearest cousin, video streaming, seems to be enjoying every minute of its uncontested dominance right now.

The writer is chief executive officer of and senior vice-president, Cheetah Mobile