Tottenham Hotspur full-back Jan Vertonghen has slammed Premier League, blaming the decision-makers of the league for ‘unsettling’ him and Christian Eriksen.

It is worth highlighting that Premier League had decided to close their transfer window prior to the start of the season to ensure that players are focused on their game right from the first match of the season. However, Vertonghen has insisted that it is this close of the transfer window before the season which has unsettled him and Eriksen. He also criticised the league decision-makers for the same.

Both Tottenham players appeared all set for a move away from the club in the last year of their contract with Tottenham. However, none of the moves could materialise and they will have to spend the 2019-20 season with the Tottenham.

“England made that decision, expecting all the other leagues would follow. In the end they didn’t. Or not yet. That’s definitely no benefit for the Premier League. I’m not sure about what can change but it would be good if everyone was on the same page with it.

“I just want to focus on football now. When you don’t play, you realise how important it is and it’s extremely important for me. I’ve been so long with the guys, I love the club and I just want to play as much as I can. I feel great and I just want to help the club to win trophies,” he added as quoted by Mirror.