India tennis star Sania Mirza on Monday said that staying at home during the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus is the “biggest need of the hour.”

In an attempt to contain the rapidly spreading COVID-19, the Centre has announced a complete lockdown of 13 states and 80 districts across the country till March 31.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi had urged the people to impose ‘Janta Curfew’ on Sunday, March 22. But as soon as the curfew ended, several people across the country were seen out on streets, carrying on with their usual business.

PM Modi had also asked people to express gratitude to those maintaining essential services by ringing bells, sounding sirens, and clapping, in a light manner. But the people gathered out on to the streets and carried out celebratory processions, when social distancing has been advised by the Government.

Following this, the ace tennis player took to Twitter to make people understand the gravity of the situation.

“Be kind.  It’s the need of the hour. STAY AT HOME. It’s the biggest need of the hour. It’s literally that basic!!” wrote Sania.

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the nation so far is 415, including the foreign nationals, according to Union Health Ministry. In addition to it, there have been 7 deaths reported in the country so far.