The English Premier League is known to attract some of the most talented players and managers across the world. One former Real Madrid manager Santiago Solari is now looking for a job in world’s most sought after football league- the English Premier League.

Although Santiago Solari may be a forgotten name in the La Liga circuit, the fact remains that he was impressive during his small stint with the Real Madrid team. Taking over the responsibility from Julen Lopetegui, Solari was in charge of the Real Madrid team only for a few months after which Zinedine Zidane became the manager.

Solari recently revealed his wish list and stated that a managerial role in the Premier League is certainly there on his wish list.

“I would like to coach in Europe, in a serious project in one of the big leagues,” he was quoted as saying by BBC Sport.

“I saw the Premier League last year and how it grew so much. It was a fantastic campaign for the English teams. There are so many different cultures as well – you have Spanish coaches, German coaches, English coaches, coaches from all over the world who have made it grow.

“The type of football I like is when the team is the protagonist, offensive football, high tempo and aggressive but in order to achieve that you have to defend high, have fast transitions, and of course talent is a big part of that.

“The statistics in the Premier League are amazing and confirm things are changing. Fifteen years ago there were just three games where one team averaged 70% of possession. Three years ago that went up to 30 games. Two years ago it was 60 games and last year there were 67 games in which one team had 70% of possession.”

Solari also had to say a few words for Mauricio Pochettino.

“I am not friends with him (Mauricio) but I know him and I admire him and what he has done last year and the year before,” said Solari.

“It didn’t just happen that he got to the final of the Champions League – it was something that was growing over four or five years.”

“I would like to see Pochettino with one of the really big teams soon because he deserves the opportunity,” he concluded.